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Default Its time for S&F to revamp and innovate

I'm playing a new mobile game, where much like S&F, their domestic server has been out a year longer than their new international server (which is pulling a lot of US interest). They have new content weekly and monthly, and have been going strong like this since inception.

The game-play is immersive, the alliance has weekly missions, the chat is decent (both world, alliance and local channels). There are stories, quests, battles, practices, crafting, merchants, etc.

I find it intriguing and yet S&F seems stale in comparison ...

I think it may be time to rethink S&F ... take a look at some of the most popular mobile games, pull characteristics from those games, and incorporate them into S&F.

Perhaps its a platform problem, but S&F will slowly fade into nothing as more and more players get pulled away to other enticing games.
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