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Like it a lot but think it should open earlier so not only top players can enjoy it.
250, maybe even earlier. if only there was some way to scale difficulty based on current player lv.
Lets get more advanced on keys. Finding key in mission is fun, but its so short. How about each key consists of few pieces, like mirror. Maybe 3-4 pieces, so it takes some time to open next dungeon. Again its something so high lvs don't just zip through new dungeons. Maybe another requirement beside key, like achieved certain % in scrapbook.

For rewards, id suggest exp and crystals. We have gold sources already.

Con is that its a lot of work artwise but a lot of work is poor argument. So if team has time to do this, go for it! Definitely fun.

Again if time permits, would love to see new art for epic items that are related to each "event" so for dinosaur that could be loincloth,club,animal skull (for hat),necklace of bones etc

How I imagine entering into this Timeline:
A sort of museum building, in which you have wing/sections that need to be unlocked. Each section is the new "event".
A Timeline Museum?
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