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I'd appreciate that the community could help us defining and making this idea better, so Playa can (maybe? hehe) use it in the future!

@Tilthia, dungeon 15 is already opened at level 250 (if I'm not mistaken). My idea was level 300 since this content is directed after dungeon 15.

I like that idea about collecting pieces of each key to unlock the dungeon, really interesting! The crystal reward is also a good point, it'd allow high-end players to upgrade each item 20x (since 10 is hard enough )

I don't think new epics is a priority right now, what we really need is content, but if Playa is into it, I won't say no to it! Bring them

The museum idea is also really good, or maybe somekind of "time travel machine" that got broken and sent you to the past!

@Leander, did Playa already manifested their opinion about this? We'd love to see what's wrong/not do-able so we can work that!

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