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Yes, we can use the characters from some movies (although I don't know how the copyright works)!

My suggestions:

The Dinosaurs - Jurassic Park (or Dinosaurs from Disney)
The Mammals - Ice Age (the animated movies) (centered in the ANIMALS)
The Neanderthal - 10 000 b.c. (centered in the pre-historic man ONLY)
The Romans - Asterix & Obelix, The Eagle, etc
The Crusades - Robin Hood
The Colonials - i don't know any movie but we could use images like aztecas soldiers, european soldiers with rifles and cannons, ship captains, pirates, etc.
The Industrials - Don't know any movie either, my suggestions here are men with more recent clothes, men working in workshops and/or factories, we could use black a lot to represent the coal's colour.
The modern man - Maybe men from science in here, imagine like men holding test tubes because of chemistry, men with black boards full of calculus behind them for physics and mathematic, men with microscopes for genetics, stuff like that.
The space man - focus in astronauts, physicians, engineers, etc.
The future man - Star trek, star wars, space 1999, etc etc

I can compile all our ideas into a list for each era tomorrow