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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
@Sharpshooter The time machines stores thirst you do not play, reducing the daily playtime. Just don't play your whole thirst, let it be stored in the time machine, then play it all with just 1 click next day.
Nobody who wants to play optimally (and does 320 thirst) does that. You lose your chance to choose gold/XP, you don't get items, you have no chance for shrooms, pet food etc. etc.

Originally Posted by Leander View Post
@Gerond Bad luck then. The drop chance is not low. A friend ended up with 40 glasses with 40 mushrooms spent. Of course luck plays a role too. Sometimes you refresh the shop 20 times without an epic whereas other times you spend 20 and find 5.
Could be bad luck. But statistics doesn't work with that term and 100 mushrooms is a better statistical sample than 40 or 8. There's a higher chance you guys were lucky than me being unlucky. Even then...40 shrooms for 40 glasses isn't good. You can skip the same amount of quests for those shrooms and don't have to pay gold for it (I understand he was also looking for epics and potions but still).

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