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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
The goal was to add some option to reduce thirst. Everybody has the option! If you would like to play your whole first without the time machine, it is up to you but if you don't want to play so long, you have the option to reduce your time with the time machine and glasses.
Okay, we obviously don't agree on this point. I'm just saying that "hardcore" 320 players (who need to cut thirst duration the most) don't use this option because they would lose something. That's it.

In the other thread you gave another example for glasses in shops. 25 shrooms for 23 glasses. That means you get on average less than 1 hourglass per day without refreshing. 10 minutes saved - I don't think that that's a very big help. Hourglasses from tavern are still way more important.

I just don't understand why Playa needs us and wants us to play 5 hours every single day. Active players will still chat in guild, log in every hour because of dungeon etc. You are just losing some players who would play 320 if it wasn't so time consuming. Even though you say we shouldn't refresh shop for glasses, with this update it certainly seems like Playa wants us to.

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