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Originally Posted by Akai shuichi View Post
I used to play the game very long time ago in 2011, 3 days ago i am back with a new server also using warrior.
Is it my imagination or warrior is actually weaker than any other class in the game? I some times fight people lower than my level and i have better stats than them and their equipment is not realy better but they defeat me in the arena, either warrior is realy unfairly weaker than other classes or i am missing something
For stats i am increasing it this way (3strength:2constitution:1luck),is there anything wrong with it?
+ When i logged in took a look in my very old account i noticed that i can enter arena while i am taking mission the same time, and i forgot how i got this ability, so how do i get it in my new account?
+Is it real the when you get higher levels you will get less mushrooms from quests a day? I am in my 3rd or 4th day and i get like 2 mushrooms a day, is it gonna decrease in the future?
In order to enter arena/dungeon while doing missions, you need to complete the mirror.

About warriors, I believe they truly shine in lategame - take a look in old servers, and check out how tanky those warriors are.
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