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Ok, I am using beta remastered app on android. I have 6.4" display so I prefer landscape mode. Few bugs/issues:

On landscape mode:
- first entrance to fortress always causes few. seconds lag, whole game is something like freezed, first entrance in other tabs are ok (snapdragon 845 should handle it easily and internet connection is fine - tested on wifi and mobile data)
- bars with text which appear after touching something (like attributes to see more values, nickname to see XP points etc.) should be moved higher because finger covers it and I cant see values. It should work like on portrait mode

On portrait mode:
- I couldnt find stats of our dungeon companions, everytime it shows our main character description
- When your character has 5 digit constitution values (for example 36 500), when you hold finger on last 3 digits (in this case 500) it wont show any additional data. When press on first two (36 in this case) then everything is ok. It looks like digit area is not fully linked

Generally app is nice but I prefer landscape mode because it looks like on pc
My device: Mi Mix 3, Snapdragon 845, 6.4", Android 9

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