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top ranking has nothing to do with good or bad...

top classes will always be the ones that depend most on RNG to get the golden run and battle mages are basically the worst class for RNG as they don't have any kind of built in rng like all other classes except mage. mages still have the huge lucky crits for that.

this doesn't make them "weak" it's just that they can't "cheat" a to strong enemy with 4 blocks/dodges or hits in a row like the others and they lack the immense dmg that mages have to "lucky crit" a to strong enemy for 40% of the HP.

so yeah, if your definition of "weak" is, that they can't "Cheat" the system as well as others do, you are right. but other than that, they are balanced when it come to PvP. you will see on newer server that are a few years old, that battle mages will be top again, same with warriors. on new servers you only see zerks and scouts on top. later on warriors take the place.

also since they are the worst RNG class, they are created the least of all classes as well. i play one and i can say he is not weaker than others. (;

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