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Originally Posted by BackStab View Post
OK, fine, could someone reiterate again the incentive of being a guild leader (or an officer for that sake) in this new setup?

Say, new guild is formed, it has a tiny +2% bonus from the guild leader who invested some shrooms into himself, now new players need to be invited. "Join my guild, because..."? Because what, exactly? Cool guild name? Nice guild banner? But that's something everyone can do, and guild bonus is not a property of a guild anymore. Previously, even a small investment into the guild allowed to have a guild bonus justifying the reason to join it.

Same for officers: "officer should be proud to stay in the guild because..." is there a motivation to stay in a guild, really? Let's skip officers and let all guild members start attacks and raids if they can afford the cost.

Finally, not clear why guild raid counters are still a property of a guild? Let's improve that too: drop raid counter, assign raid points to guild members instead. Combined raid points will form a "raids defeated" counter. Why not? Same for guild rank. No need for a separate guild rank, as it could be formed by combining ranks of all guild members - just like guild bonus. If someone leaves guild, guild rank is automatically reduced. Simple!
I'm sorry but if a leader doesn't know how to attract members to a guild besides mentioning its bonuses, then that's not a good leader at all. Just think about premades (guilds announced and looking for members before a server even opens): they have no bonuses, so how do you expect them to attract new players? Think about that.

The only real concerns I see here are 1. people that single donated mushrooms to their guild and now they see their own mushrooms being distributed by his guild members without their permission, and 2. recently it was announced that gem mine max level was now 25, encouraging players with their fortresses maxed out to start leveling up their gem mines. And now, those players are upset because they can't look for the dungeon's key and/or look for new gems while upgrading the building. But tell me, what do you want Playa Games to say? They couldn't simply say "hey guys, the new max level of the gem mine is now 25 BUT DON'T START UPGRADING YET because SOMETIME IN DECEMBER YOU'LL NEED TO LOOK FOR A DUNGEON KEY IN THERE". Come on folks! Just wait for the build construction to end (or cancel it, but I assume no one will do that) and wait for the dungeon's key. There's nothing PG could do in this situation to prevent this from happening, let's face it.

To finish, as far as I know the majority of players that can upgrade their gem mine past level 20 (= fortress completed) are high levels accounts. High levels accounts don't need to renew their items every month (nor their tower companions), which means you don't need to urgently start looking for new gems and have them stocked for the next epic event. Just keep upgrading your gem mine and when you believe that you're starting to need new items, stop building more levels, start looking for gems and once you have enough gems, you can then start leveling up once again. Don't complicate this.

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