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My english is poor ,so I’m fraid you can’t understand my words.But I hope you can try to read it ,thank you, leander . I want the game would be more and more interesting.

1)Create new feature. Event limited. Name Dr. Abawuwu ‘s wishing wheel Event. The wishing wheel could give you power in temporary. Give him 100000000 gold , boost up your hero's respective Attributes as double (for example STR 200 after boost is 400) and last for 10 hours. Also you can cost 100 mushrooms , boost up your hero's respective Attributes as double and last for 24 hours.

2) Create new feature. Event limited. Name historic trace Event . In the trace you can meet great deal of war heros and great men in history. The historic trace have 1000 floors.Every 9 floor you have to beat some of strange human or monsters at different era(times), The boss of every tenth floor is the one of the great men in history. You have a 10% chance to gain card pieces for each floor if you defeat them. Every 6 pieces can combined into a rune(magic) card. The card’s ability only used on character‘s weapons . Rune cards have three branch , damage, cure and trap, every branch have 30 cards.(total 90 cards).you can use the fantastic rune weapons in the battle.look likes flame of fire staff ( set fire rune card), it deals additional fire damage to enemies in battle . And look like poison spreader (set toxic rune card), all damage taken by the character will be transferred to the enemy in next attack , Rainbow of blade of puregold(set cure rune card) , damage to the enemy will restore part of the character's hit points n battle.Also you can loot the badge from the great men of history .The badge can collect in the scrapbook.

3) Create new feature, Event limited.Name followmon(monster) Event. The new map is divided into 20 islands with 5 attributes (Constitution,Dexterity,Intelligence,Luck ,Strength). Each island has 10 followmons. (total 200 mons)After you fight against the last pet (boss)of each island and defeated it , it can be captured as a character following pet. If it is a strength pet follow to character , the character‘s strength damage will have great bonus ,also you can use the fruits to upgrading the follow pet’s level. A character can only choose one followmon at a time.

4) Create new feature. Event limited,Name underworld clash Event. Create underworld hero, hero can fight with other player’s underworld heros. one victory can get 1 hero coin, and 200 coins can upgrade the hero's special skills. Every hero only have one skill. The skills can give bonus to the fortress . Look like production bonus, fortress defense bonus, fortress raid bonus and other. The hero has no level system . The hero’s Combat Power decide by the equipment . Equipment can find by gold pit at sometime.

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