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Golden frame: i like how it is now
Reduce the thirst duration: definitely good idea, 5h every day is too much
Rework Underworld ranking system OR remove it: must be done, underworld ranking is even worse than pet and fortress
Rework goblins and trolls: i don't care much about this one
Rework the "new" 100 guild dungeons: i agree with all 4 points
Servers fusion/migration: i don't like this idea
Change the XP curve: this should be changed, after lvl 300 it's very slow
Fortress: i think it's ok
"nothing-new" updates: i'm ok with shadow dungeons, fortress, i will be ok with shadow portal, if it give me something good, like 50% time reduction on quests, but i would like to see new items and monsters in new dungeons
Design some "medals": i would rather see number of finished quests, attacks, hours of work, like those old medals in that hourglass circle
Dungeons with underworld units: very good idea, 3 would be better, because first 2 units would be useless

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