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Originally Posted by Nate View Post
There were merges in other browser games and I dont see a single problem why not do it here. They could easily add a possibility to "connect" those two or more multi accounts so you can play both/every of them. Of course with adding some new rules because of that. They could also delete all inactive accounts so there is enough space for merging more servers in one. For example I play w4 and there are 259.370 players. Which is stupid right? How many of them actually play?
Yeah I am not saying they couldn't set it up if they wanted and also could change the rules for merged servers. But till they decide to do both they wont do it. Also from my experience in another game that merged server on a monthly basis I am kinda glad they don't merge servers here it causes a lot of issues. 1 it increased lag. it also changed a lot of rankings which top players didn't like. which caused a lot of ppl either changing guilds or quitting.

one thing about this game is starting on an older server doesn't mean you can move into say top 100 or top 50 heck can even get in top 10 or top spot in HoF all depends on if a free player or shroomer but either way u can move up quick as no growing pains of getting bonuses up like a new server.

here is a good example I started on s1 and s2 US about a year after I started playing S1 US was about a 3 years old and I think s2 was 2 years old. When I finally retired on both I was in top 30 on both. I played on them for about 2 years.

So if you want to start on another server try an old one you might find the experience is better in that lvling and maturity lvl is better
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