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Question Search players by their country in the ranking?

A small and simple suggestion to add a new feature to search players by their country in the ranking list. If you type "Spain" then all the players with flag from Spain will be listed in the ranking, only them and by order... depending their number in the rank. Could look like this:

4 Name1
8 Name2
17 Name3
22 Name4
53 Name5


This will make it more simple and easier to find players from your own country instead of going in the ranking for a long time trying to find them... right?

But I'm thinking right now... If there is a player called "Spain" then it'll be a problem because if you type "Spain" in the ranking search you'll find that player. XD But yeah you got the idea of what I mean. Make it so we are somehow able to search for players from a concrete country.


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