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Originally Posted by Strider View Post
I'm on ... how would you implement this on my server, where there are no flags or countries. Correct my if I am wrong, but this feature is only available on international servers.
Well... good question, there are a lot of old servers (local servers from specific countries) where country flags ain't working on them and not displaying correctly (I don't know if it's a bug and it's broken or it's working like this). So I guess the game's devs should look into this and add country flags to this old local servers from specific countries, even if most of the players are from that country, I'm sure there are some players from other countries too.

If they do this then this new feature should work there. Anyways it's not about the country you are playing from but about the game's language you choose from settings, if you choose english then the UK's flag will be displayed (correct me if I'm wrong). XD

Or... if there are no country flags in some servers then it won't work there.

This new feature might get added only to international servers where country flags are enabled and working properly.

Let's wait for the answer of some admin/dev to see what they think, I'd really love to see this added to the game. ♥
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