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Fot me It's little early to evaluate it, I'll vote in one or 2 weeks. For now I'm just kinda happy about getting something new, I need to cool down a little.


For now I've noticed few annoying things

1 - after attacking, clock for free target change won't start until I'll open attack window again. It should start counting from moment of attack. Fixed now it reset after each attack but should start at 1 not 0 soldiers.

2 - Numbers of soldiers used during attack is remembered and automatic set during next attack. Because of that I often use more soldiers on next attack than I need. I think it would be better for amount to reset after attack. Implemented

3- Reports from fortress fights should tell by their title if you attacked or was attacked, now I need to see fight and check message at the end.

edit 2

Fortress quickly become click few times a day and forget. Later click few times a week.

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