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This new update really pissed me off because of one thing - that icon for Hall of Knights is next to icon for Searching for Gems, what does it mean ? One bad click and you will accidentaly spent all your resources on stupid hall of knight. Could you please move that icon somewhere else, because its really annoying and yup, it happened to me right now.
Second thing, after update, stats of Fortifications have changed. Before shadow world update, i could easily destroy fortification of level 88 with only one lvl 95 soldier, but now it takes two. And also when i attacked lvl 102 fortification, i had to use like 6 soldiers of lvl 95, and now it only takes three - which is pretty odd. I mean .. for lvl 88 i need to use two soldiers, but for lvl 102 i need to use only three soldiers ? Probably a mistake were made during that update.
Third thing is feedback about people who spent mushrooms and people who dont. If someone is not spending lot of mushrooms on fortress, he has literally no defenses against people who dont, because once lvl 105 soldiers hit lvl 95 archers, one has literally no chance of surviving even with maxed fortifications - soldiers will just blast right through it. Now this can be a bit of a problem, because one can get stuck because of constant attacks, and is unable to even upgrade his units ( for example lvl 95 archers to lvl 105). Thus from constant attacks his resources will get stolen, and after every attack, one has to also Buy units again ( archers and mages ) which costs tons of resources again, thus its impossible for person to advance in fotress.
Well, just my few cents about fortress.Otherwise, its nice : )
Edit+ one more thing: It might be a good idea to reduce the cost of Archers ( no need to reduce the cost of mages, they are fine) for at least a half, or even to a third of price - because the way it is, to recruit archers actually penalise the player to do so.

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