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Originally Posted by GeorgeKen View Post
It's a two button process. You have to click on the hall of knights and then press again the "upgrade" button which is placed on a different position than the first button. Just a reminder, it is illegal to use auto-clicker software for fortress, cause that is my guess of what you did. Claiming you "lost" all your resources in hall of knights means you were either using auto-clicker software and miss-placed the positions of clicking, or you were heavily drunk(it would take multiples clicks to donate all of your resources in hall of knights if you hadn't bothered before, and all this while the screen informs you exactly of the cost of donating for each level).

So... yeah. That.
Yup, two clicks, that´s all it takes. Also,if i used auto clicker, i would obviously have it programmed so that it would click gems - so that´s not really a good assumption.
Anyway, if u play this game after update, you will get accustomed to certain routine - such as clicking searching for gems and confirming it.But if you accidentaly click hall of knights which is just next to it, too bad - especially if ur fast clicker. I didnt thought about this before, so i was caught off guard and spent all my resources. + another bad assumption is that it would take multiple clicks to donate all resources - i mean, i would have to be pretty bad player if i didnt raised my hall of knights to very high level for the guild - so yeah, one click and its gone.
Just saying that the position is problematic - it already happened to at least two people in our guild,so - just saying.
+the fortress stats bug is far more problematic. I am just mentioning this hall of knight problem so that it wouldnt happen to other people ( since i will be wary of this anytime i search for gems (not to mention the fact that i wont have enough resources for hall of upgrade for at least .. a month ).