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Upgrading both buildings requires a fully upgraded Fortress or Underworld. If one of the buildings (e.g. Mages' Tower) hasn't been maxed out yet, you cannot upgrade the Gem Mine to levels 21-25.
It's good to see the fortress receiving some updates, but I'm disappointed about the way it is going to be done in this update. First, it breaks the main rule of the fortress/underworld: the main building determines the maximum level of other buildings. And second, the maxed out fortress requirement is really bad. With level 20 wall doing regular counter attacks is impossible, and after all active players would get maximized defenses, doing even normal attacks would be very hard. Then where are the players going to get the resources for level 25 gem mine gems from? I assume the gems from level 21-25 mines will be significantly more expensive than from level 20. This problem already exists for players with level 19-20 gem mines and low fortress ratings, since level 20 woodcutter hut and quarry alone can't pay off for constant gem production from higher than level 18 gem mine.

It would have been much better if the fortress and underworld extensions were done in the line with the current fortress system: extend the maximum level for the main building by +5 too, as well as for woodcutter hut and quarry, since they are needed to support the gem production. And don't add any requirements for level 21+ buildings other than the level of the main building.