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Originally Posted by Alquavene View Post
IThis problem already exists for players with level 19-20 gem mines and low fortress ratings, since level 20 woodcutter hut and quarry alone can't pay off for constant gem production from higher than level 18 gem mine.
I am concerned about mining prices too, but this is not right. My fortress is maxed out almost a year, I do not attack, spin wheel only 1x a day, mine constantly (3-4 gems a day) and before forest event I dont get under maybe 250M wood and 80M stone. During event I refill my storage to max and happily continue. Truth is, noone is attacking me either, my server is not too active and most active players have their fortresses finished too.

For me, this is quite sweet spot and Im ok with its state. If the price will rise significantly with additional upgrade, I will consider not to upgrade. Imho few hundred more stats would be nice, but probably not worth breaking the system and need to save resources for every single new gem...