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Originally Posted by theaxe View Post
Countless updates further. That didnt change a thing.
But now im getting sick of it. I've also sended in many bug reports but it never gotten fixed.

Hopefully this will bring attention to the cause.
For over a year the IOS (iphone / Ipad) client has been reacting barely. You start the client .. login (or auto login) and that seems to be fine. You click on the thing you want to do and then the issue start. With any luck the action is responded. For example you click the tavern and you see the quests.
85% of the time the client will crash and you need to restart the client and do it all over. 15% of the time you actually can click the quest you want to do.
And then it all starts again. So in order to start 1 quest you (with luck) have to relogin about 15 times.
And it all starts again when you (while on the quest) want to check the shop.

Eventually your restarting and relogin so many times that you get bored of seeing the login screen and you decide the spend the wasting time on something else.

It all started about 1 year ago when the login screen gotten speeded up. Ofcourse i can understand the frustration of a slow starting page. But it was way better then having the relogin constantly.

Iphone .. the client doesnt even start. So im not even trying
Ipad: You start and (restart) cli (restart) click so (restart) something (restart) .. ow forget it im gonna do something else.

Can we please look at the ios client and make it stable again. For over a year we are (partly) unable to play.
I play almost daily on my iPhone and every few days on the iPad, don't have any of the above issues (at least not in that frequency -- I get a crash every few days). What iPhone / iPad are you using? Even more important, what version of iOS?
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