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@hexblot: Yes im aware that my devices arent the latest.
Iphone: 3gs
Ipad: 2

However they are running the latest software versions and are updated to the latest ios/client.
About a year ago they did run normally. Ok ok the login screen (before the speed up) was slow. But hell it all is worth the wait and once logged in there was no issue at all.
Then update after update it gotten worse and worse. And with the latest update (twister thingy) it got to the point like described.

@Leander: Yes its s&f only. All other games / programs react normally. As said previous s&f was running normally aswell. Till the time the login screen gotten speeded up and then it all went down hill.
At start it was only once in a while then view (i believe 2) updates further it gotten to the point where you needed to restart the client allot (crashes). And now with the latest update it gotten to the point where your constantly are reloggin.
Sending in a ticket didnt gotten answered at all.

I hoped it gotten fixed in updates but update after update it only gotten worse to the point where my iphone now doesnt even start the game and on the ipad its a pain.
Lucky i still have this laptop and a pc and those have no issues at all.
But well .. you wake up .. grab a cup of coffee .. step back into bed with your ipad to play s&f perfect morning and perfect way to start the day .