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Default New rules

Thank you, for the update Leander.
How come you only write on stone won in the update? What happens to wood??? (well, as you know, I have had a problem winning wood for almost a month now).

Also - it may be for the best that you don't win that much if there is too high a difference in the level of the Fortress - I cannot tell... I can only talk from my perspective, and for me, it takes out the motivation for having the highest level fortress on the server I am playing in. I may be wrong - but right now, I am not satisfied at all.

Also - why do you state
"As you can see upgrading your fortress is highly important."

It's not. To me. It is unfair towards those that have been investing in growing strong. Higher level fighters are already more expensive that the lower level ones, when attacking low level opponents (OK - I have not done that too much, as I already dont gain anything out of it).,

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