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Originally Posted by Ghettoforce View Post
Yes, you can't lose honor in Forterss HoF, but why is that a problem? It is clear that the top Forterss HoF players have put in a lot more time than the players that are lower in ranking. We all started playing fortess at the same time.
So you want to compare the overall strength of players by using a list which only says how many (useless) attacks you made?!

Lets compare 2 players for example:
                Me:     Another player:
Fortress level: 390     373
Fortress rank:  300      11
Heroes rank:    <20     139
Pets rank:      <20     119
Total points:  ~320     269
A player with a lower hero, lower pets and a lower fortress would be better than me because he made a few thousand attacks more than me? Attacks vs. maybe even lower enemies which say absolutely nothing?

Well, this means your HoF is as useless as the HoF Fortress for me (MY personal opinion!!! and nothing against you! I just don't like your HoF of HoF's with the current HoF Fortress integrated)

/edit: There are also players who start on an old server. It's possible to climb the HoF Heroes and Pets. But you wont be able to catch up the honor in the HoF Fortress in its current form

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