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Hi Terenas, you are more than welcome to your opinion. I promise to not feel offended in the least.

The range of fortress opponents is limited, you cant just go out and attack whoever you like. you get options and can decide to attack those or not. On US. S1 Grog69 has 14664 honor. I, on spot 16 or so, onlyhave 4890 honor. I can assure you, he put in WAY more effoert in gaining his number 1 spot than me.

And ofcrouse someone joinging an old server has a hard timd Climbing HoF fortress, but if you really believe they can easily climb HoF Pets and HoF Horoes,, then i really wonder only one thing... how....???

IN the end, it really doesnt matter if you or me like the current HoF'. they are there, and we all ahve to live by the rules they have set. The only thing I and the people who have been enjoying the HoFo HoF's for the past year is, if the DEVS, like the idea and will incorportate it into the game.

I am looking forward to a positive response.