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On a new server you use the counterattacks without any defense. You are able to make up to 144 attacks every day in theory (1 soldier = 1 attack, 10 minutes to rebuild that soldier), in practice 100+ are easy.
You need to login every 3 hours once you get 18 soldiers. Believe me, it's not that hard.
I have 8,3k honor on W9 (rank 1 has 61k) and 7k honor on W14 (rank 1 has 44k) because I stopped the attacks when i got fortress, laborers quartes and hall of knights 15 (Dr. Abawuwu is enough for the rest).

I didn't say new players on old servers can EASILY climb HoF Pets and HoF Horoes, I said it's POSSIBLE because the other players lose honor if they lose a fight. In HoF Fortress it's impossible if the other people keep attacking.

So if the HoF of HoFs will be integrated it's just another HoF I don't care about like the HoF Fortess (actually I don't care about the HoF Pets either^^). Due to this fact, good luck for your suggestion