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I made suggestions awhile ago..
1. over 90% arnt playing..From 300,000 to 30,000 is all Low levels..
Anyone playing can get to level 20 in a week or 2..
2. Fighting Group on group is fun as ALL those NOT PLAYING are at 1/2 health or LESS..but you fight directly, Even in Arena, and they are full strength..
3. IF we eliminated FODDER...most groups would be Pretty small. Marking those that Arnt playing for more then 2-4 weeks..would be interesting..Even if only in the Guild display, so we can attack those Groups with TONS of fodder..
4. you can be TOP of the heap and NONE of your players are playing..They Topped out and have 4-10 High ranked players...and we cant tell that they arnt playing..(can check a few things, but that isnt 100%)

My guild has fought and fought, and tried to get a few extra players..Many joined most Quit. Finally got a few friends back..and STILL trying to get up there.. We are in the top 40.. but all the Fodder is low level, and the friends are trying to get Higher..(not as dedicated as the main 2 of the team..

We started out and KEPT a solid Slow build...and I would think we have a good K/D level..which isnt shown in game. Over the years you have added LOTS of things to make it easier to Build up..All these nice bonus's..we didnt have in the past.
I changed my Mind on how to get HIGHER about 1.5 years ago.. Push up as Min/max as far as you can still fight...THEN build up with money, again and again.. It works and is fast..But my Balance is almost forgotten. As long as I can GET LEVELS...I just push.

Do we really need more ingame? Dont know, and cant tell you. There is ALLOT in this game.