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1) There will be conflicts with account and guild name duplicates.
Change The Unique Identifier it PlayerID.ServerID and GuildID.ServerID

You could concatenate the PlayerID and the ServerID as well as the GuildID and the ServerID

For instance, I would be Strider.s10us and my guild would be ReUnitedKingdom.s10us

2) All players must get new internal IDs and all data (messages, fight logs, guilds etc.) have to be adjusted accordingly. Because of the complexity of our custom data management, changing the internal records will be a lot of work and prone to failure.
Use the Unique Identifier above and have a handful of Beta Testers volunteer in a new "Server Merge Beta Server" to DUP (Duplicate) their account into the new server with the new Unique Identifier.

As the merges get easier, collect more volunteer beta testers to DUP into the new Beta Server.

Of course the original account would stay and be primary since its only testing.

3) Tracking and payment is based on a unique combination of player ID and server ID. These IDs would no longer be valid when merging servers and past transactions would be difficult to track.
Use the Unique Identifier as a way to track past transactions easily, have the Server Merge Beta Testers make monitored purchases, and reimburse those purchased by placing them into the primary account.
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