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Default Got problems & disputes with another user/support team member?

Got problems & disputes with another user/support team member? In this case, the following list is recommended.


1) Send a PM (private message) to the other user. Be polite, explain your problem, do not insult the other user. Keep in mind that Shakes & Fidget is a game that should be fun for all users.

2) Contact a mod and explain the situation. The mod will help settle differences. Important: it is allowed to attack a user in the arena multiple times. Please note that we cannot prevent someone from attacking you several times as it is not against the rules.


Send a PM to the support team member you have problems with. Be polite and try to solve the problem. If the disputes remain contact his or her boss.


Support team member < admin < community manager

Be polite, don't flame, don't feed the trolls...enjoy the game!

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