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Windows Phone and the Shakes and Fidget

- There's no 2.0
This is maybe the smallest problem. Still! The so called Fortress is expected, right. As known at the moment, will it be? Because until I haven't logged in to my mates PC, I didn't even know about it, because there's nothing written about it in the game (unlike in android).

- I can't invite people to the guild.

- English and Hungarian language is alternating.

- The Hall of Fame is jumping all around (I do a search to someone then it drops me 300-400 persons away, but there has been magnitude of thousand already). Sometimes ranks are cut from the list ( after 7250 comes 7834). Sometime I'm just scrolling down, then it drops me back.

- The letters can be read, only if there's one and no other. Because it lets you to read only the one on the top, to read the others I have to delete the upper ones. So if I have got eight letters, after I go trough all all of them I will have only one of them.

- This is rather a bug, it's not that annoying but I write it down: I check someones' character or I'm in the arena, when I get back to my own career then his/her picture will be there.

- Can't buy beer.

- Can't send a circular.

- It doesn't show the witch coil in the equipment.

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