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The Guild Pet can be found in the fourth tab of the Guild screen. It needs a minimum Level of 100 and can be only chosen by the Guild leader. The Attributes of the Guild Pet are calculated based on the first 25 (not necessarily highest) Guild Members. All Attributes are added up and divided by 25, even if the Guild has fewer Members.
Are attributes manipulated by Members potions?

The Guild Pet's nemesis is the dreadful Hydra. Every Guild Member can send the Guild Pet into battle five times a day, with attacks being free once an hour. The damage of all attacks and Guild Members is added up. If the Hydra is defeated, it loses one head and all Members gain a bonus on Daily Missions. On the next day, the Hydra comes back with more heads and is even more dangerous but also gives you a higher bonus if you manage to defeat it again.

In case you do not defeat the Hydra on a day, it also loses a head (and becomes less strong) but your bonus is reduced as well.
Is there a limit to the number of heads the Hydra can have?

Hint: Just like Characters, Pets have Classes as well (Warrior, Scout, Mage). In case a Guild mainly consists of a certain class, the Pet should be chosen accordingly for maximum effectiveness. Example: a Guild with mostly Mages should choose a Mage Pet such as Tinck.
Does this mean the guild pets can be chosen from the existing pets of the Guild Leader?


Do bonuses affect the guild pet, or only Attributes and Levels?
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