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Yes, as far as I know potions do play a role but don't quote me on that.

The Hydra has up to 19 heads but then turns into a Countless-headed Hydra. There's no limit but it will take a good guild a while to get there anyway.

Yes, the guild leader picks one of HIS/HER pets. The actual pet does not matter, only its class does.

Hint: you can attack the Hydra with any pet once to find out the attribute total of the first 25 guild members, then pick the definite pet accordingly.
Example: 10k strength, 7k dexterity, 15k intelligence -> pick a mage pet as a primary attribute of 15k is much better than a scout pet with only 7k dexterity but 15k intelligence.

Leslie: XP does matter! As the whole game is based on clicking and waiting and you need to wait to complete your pet PvP fights, dungeon fights, the fortress attacks etc. anyway, having time for the Hydra should not be a problem in my opinion. It is a "click, wait and come back later" game anyway.

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