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Originally Posted by Leander View Post
Leslie: XP does matter! As the whole game is based on clicking and waiting and you need to wait to complete your pet PvP fights, dungeon fights, the fortress attacks etc. anyway, having time for the Hydra should not be a problem in my opinion. It is a "click, wait and come back later" game anyway.
Of course EXP matters, nobody said that it didn't. Only issue being, that if you do confirm that it only affects poster missions (spin the wheel, drink beer, drown artefact in the toilet etc.) you would need to make the numbers really high to make people even slightly bothered about your update. Reason being... the base EXP is low as it is, it's once per day and there are days that you can't complete one.

Basically, the requirements to get the reward are more bothersome than the worth of the reward. I will reserve further criticism until I see the actual numbers but I'm highly sceptical of it.

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