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Originally Posted by Scoops1972 View Post
Unable to use all my thirst as all 3 quests offered in the tavern have a duration greater than the thirst I have left?!?
Yes a known bug from my understanding.

Originally Posted by Valkyra View Post
Please disable permanently the mature word filter on Romanian server. Many of our words have in their structure the word c u m for example. I found this filter offensive to our native language as many words in chat are now with ****** .

Also, as a suggestion, please bring back somehow the time until next battle in Dungeon and in Arena as now it doesn't show anymore on the Dungeon / Arena button or make it like the Tavern or City Guard to see how much time we have till next battle.

I have asked the same thing as only ppl that are going to see guild chat are guild members and most guilds have rules on language don't need Playa deciding what we can and can not say.
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