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I've got the same problem as willow, forums can't be reached when you click on the questionmark and then on the forum link.
It opens a new tab for the world i'm already in.
I'm on world nl3 so also dutch

On an other note, when you inspect an other player and hover over his scrapbook icon or armor icon with your mousecursor those fields are not translated.

Can't see the dungeonprogress of other players when they reached over 100 dungeons and you can't see the towerprogress of other people.

The announcement in chat of guildies that complete a dungeon is also broken, it won't show the name of the dungeon and will instead show (dungeon name 000) in the announcement

No dungeontimer on your bar, you have to select the dungeon or towerboss to be able to see how much time is left for your next atack, so many extra clicks this way.

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