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Originally Posted by theaxe View Post
@hexblot: Yes im aware that my devices arent the latest.
Iphone: 3gs
Ipad: 2

However they are running the latest software versions and are updated to the latest ios/client.
That's more than likely due to your outdated iOS versions -- iPhone 3GS can run up to iOS6, while iPad2 can run up to iOS9

Current iOS available is 10, which brought tons of changes - and since 90% of iOS users currently have iOS9+, it's more than likely that your 3GS is not compatible anymore.

However, if your iPad is running iOS9 you should still be compatible, since that's only 1 major version behind -- could you go to Settings->General->Software Update and update the support team with the iOS version your devices are running?

It's really the only way you can ever get an answer other than "hey it works for me".
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