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Hey Baldur,

Thanks for a message at least.

No I won't be using Mushrooms on this server.

Like all the other servers I am on, I will be using my 100 daily thirst, and if the right event is on, I may even go for 200 or 300 thirst.

Saying I am lvl 287 on US1 was not bragging, as you may have thought.
I was simply letting guildleaders know that I am NOT going to be quitting anytime soon.

I have a lot of information about , gathered from different servers, and I may be able to help a small guild grow.

However, if you have a spot in Carpe Noctum, I won't turn it down.

A little background maybe...
I have been playing the US server for a long time now.
When I started my char on the Dutch server ( Nov 7th 2011), I used the Forum like I did here trying to get into any guild.
I was lucky to be invited by the number 5 ranked guild within an hour.
I do use mushrooms on the other servers, and currently I am level 193 there.

I am very competitive, and I would like to get the biggest and baddest Bonuses in the game, so I can grow as fast as is humanly possible.

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