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I think that a lot of people join W1 'cause the promise of the FORTRESS release and to take a look to that before the release on the other worlds.

In my country a lot of of guys do so. After the delay announce about that release many of them didn't play anymore in the international server.
I think that people don't wait for a new server every month but for new update that increase game longevity.
So fortress, new dungeon, etc. will welcome. New worlds? Again and again? Mmmmh I'm not so sure that is the way. Many worlds in my country have only the first 3 guild really active (if you're lucky), everytime a new world is open we lost new player in the old one.

It has sense for Playa (many mushrooms needed to grow a guild in a new world), but from player side I found boring to create a new PG everytime. I have one only active pg and I prefer to play well with that. Playing from 2 to 5 hours per day with more PG? It's a crazy think for me (if you wanna play honestly without bots)
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