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Default Slanoush's Cultist - French guild(not exclusive)

Hellow !

"Les cultistes de Slanoush" is a french guild created not a long time ago, with, for now, only two members: The leader(myself) "Volesprit l'ImmolÚ", and a young recruit, "Zonubo Gnurodus".

Concerning our upgrades, we got Fortress lvl 10 - Treasure lvl 12 - Instructor lvl 8

The two little rules i will be glad to see respected are these ones:

1 - Try to be connected at least every other day.
2 - Make as much donation than the most skinflint.

>>A little tips, the french introduction of our guild is based on the podcast "Naheulbeuk"<<

We don't have recruitment restriction, so, everyone is welcome ! Glad to see you in game

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