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Default Allow guilds to merge

I have played many online games over a number of years. I have seen different approaches to trying to increase numbers and improve the game for all. Everything from merging servers, to being able to move your character to a different server (almost always at a cost).

While initially these ideas seem great, in reality many fail after a relatively short time.

One idea that tends to succeed more then others, is a feature to be able to merge guilds. This breathes life into many “dead” guilds. I would suggest if such an idea was implemented in the future, that only the guild master should be allowed to authorize a merge.

A request to merge would be sent to another guild and the response would be either yes or no. There would also be an option if a guild did not want merger requests to be able to opt out, in the same way that individuals can currently do.

It goes without saying, that a merge can only take place if the number in both guilds will not exceed fifty members. I would also expect that should merges take place that the guild inviting another to merge, would ask that players who have not played the game for a large number of days, to be removed from the guild first. Let’s face it there is no point inviting a guild with mostly inactive members to merge!

There are thousands of guilds in Shakes & Fidget. Many guilds find it very hard to recruit new members. I believe that the merge idea would improve this. The very top guilds don’t have problems recruiting. The vast majority of the rest do (except of course on new servers).

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