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Default Upcoming Patch

Hello heroes! Here's the list of fixes and changes of our latest patch. The Steam version (Remastered) is already. The browser and app versions will be updated later.

+ Tavern: fixed a gambler bug that only let you bet up to 10 mushrooms
+ Character screen: fixed the displayed gem bonus of Assassin weapons
+ Guild fights: fixed a bug with the "skip" button & added list of members
+ Guild chat: coat of arms suggestions are now underlined to stress that they can be clicked
+ Guild portal: fixed a flashing guild portal bug although an attack wasn't possible anymore
+ Guild's mushroom catapult: number of loaded giant mushrooms now correctly increases when clicking the button
+ Guild fights: guilds that cannot be attacked are greyed out now when choosing target
+ Stable: clicking the stable now displays the pet screen first if already unlocked
+ Controls: added Q key to toggle account management
+ Window mode: added timer to taskbar icon
+ Fortress: fixed a bug that prevented players from attacking fortresses
+ Fortress: fixed building information
+ Fortress: fixed a bug when mining a gem while upgrading a level 25+ mine
+ Fortress: added confirmation window before spending mushrooms on instabuilding a building
+ Underworld: added confirmation window before spending mushrooms on instabuilding a building
+ Underworld: fixed a "lure hero" on server on which the top played deleted himself
+ Main UI: reworked "compare items" functions, numbers now fit the screen
+ Account management: improved the setting of email addresses for accounts not created in browser

+ Portrait mode: several screens and positions of values adjusted
+ default game language now matches device language
+ Fortress: added counter attack button
+ reworked Push notifications
+ lots of other improvements

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