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Default Battles Tab in Mail section bugged

I have noticed some issues with the "Battles" tab in the "Mail" section.

Some of my Fortress or Arena attacks show up as "Quests"


There is also an issue with battle reports not being generated (and generally showing up slower than usual)

I have countered both of Death Wish's attacks and got the minerals for both attacks, but only one of the Attack reports showed up in my mailbox.

(Screenshots form W19)

I also noticed the same behaviour on W20, where I had several fights show up as "Quests" and out of >10 fortress attacks only 6 battle reports were generated.

This could be pretty disrupting for people who rely on fortress counterattacks to find good targets.

e: another screenshot from within the last hour on W20: guild chat shows 9 incoming fortress attacks, only 3 show up in the mailbox


(although battle reports are still not showing up in the inbox)

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