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Originally Posted by Arturu View Post
It would seem the respawning head mechanic just makes fighting seem pointless.
Totally agree!

When the update was released, we reached the 7-headed hydra on day two. This morning we started fighting against a 4-headed hydra. People just forget about it or they simply don't care, because the reward may be lost on the next morning.

When we do the raids, we have a "potion party" - everyone saves their best potions for the beginning of the month and then we do our best to beat the new raid. And when we beat it, it's done - the reward is collected and we move to the next one, we don't repeat it over and over. We could do the same with the guild pet - participation would be a lot more valuable.

ps, I understand why we have this mechanics (you could google "The sunk cost fallacy"), but people would be a lot more satisfied, if you remove it.