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1. Add sockets to some items where you can put different gems with different attributes enhancements. 2. Create something like a forge where you can also create this sockets on the current items and upgrade your armour until a maximul limit is reached for each item.
3. Add bonus if you wear all(some) items from the same suit.
4. Add extra storage to the mount or to the character or rent this storage from someone(pawn shop)
5. Add character guilds' history where you can see when the character changed the guild. This is useful when you need to see the loyalty of someone before you can invite him to the guild. Also, total donations can be added here.
6. Create new special events where all the players can join(defeat some powerful monster, mag, dragon...) and receive a reward(unique item, experience, gold) after the victory.
Some guilds events might be also useful. Here we can think about wars between guild aliancies and armies of enemis.
7. Create the possibility to invest some money into the town, shop or some "industrial building" and get a daily/monthly revenue from it. Add some administrative operations that can be done to get more money for upgrades.

I will come back with more ideas if will be needed
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