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Lots of nice ideas, so I will repeat those I like and add some new:

- World boss: Huge monster that appears once per day/week/month and needs many players to defeat him...When we get one, next is Bigger and stronger. Also , when monster in defeated, we get new/unique loot from it!
- Witch: need to be have lvl 2., lvl3....with more bonus or just different. Eg. weapon can have fire or ice dmg bonus, Helm can boost int, chest str, gloves dex....etc.
- Crafting: where you can disasseble and craft new items, and ungrade one you have...
- Pot store: no need to explain.
- Unique item: That can be available for one week and you have to gain it doing various things: Win 100 PvP, do 150 quests, do 100 critticals....
- Mail revamp: Different folders for players mail, PvP...
- Game revamp: add some movement, shine things, players wall with more space..
- Video part: where you can save 10/20/50 favorite videos from PvP, PvE, tower fights, guild fights, guild wars...
- Flying Tube revamp...So players from all counties can get it, not only from some. I live in Serbia and I saw flying tube only once since it was introduced. And I play 320 thirst every day!!!!
- Group fights: where 3/5 players can challenge other players
- Group Tower: you pick 3 players to be your team in tower adventure All must be different class, as team minions are. Those players also got some reward. And can/cannot be from same guild!
- Music: Some nice music while you play , hehe
- New items for SB and for use
- Bigger inventory

I think this is enough for 1st post

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