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I have made the following suggestion on my server's forum, but the local gamestaff (not Coma, just a forum mod) decided i was talking about "double ownership", locked the thread and dumped it on forum's file.

Anyway, i will translate the suggestion here seeking the community's thoughts as well as Leander's thoughts.


One more idea which in my opinion is of great importance and has to be implemented.

For people who don't know, a sitter is a player that plays our account temporarily when for personal reasons we can't.

Sitting is already allowed by the rules BUT demands sharing our password with the sitter as well as giving him full freedom over our account. In my opinion this is why the majority of players is afraid to use this option.

With an ingame sitter option we could:

1. Authorize a sitter through "Options", who will be able to login with our username but HIS password.

2. The sitting period will be from a minimum of 24 hours to 21 days, exactly as described in the rules. The sitting period ends as soon as the original owner logins again.

3. Sitter will have limited options over our account (yet necessary for our toon's progress)


a. Complete quests and buy beer
b. Use the toilet, city guard, dungeons and tower.
c. Take part in guild wars.
d. Enter the arena
e. Buy potions and equipment that DON'T require mushrooms.
f. Sell items ONLY from the inventory.


a. Buy a mount. The original owner has to do that (for the time he will be gone) so we can avoid excess use of shrooms.
b. Click on "New products" at the shops. Same reasons.
c. Click on "skip" during quests. Same reasons.
d. Attempt dungeons or tower levels with shroom usage. (before the 1 hour break) Same reasons.
e. Donate shrooms to the guild. Same reasons.
f. Buy items that cost shrooms.
g. Extract any gear from our toon or the followers. So he won't be able to sell it.

I think it is really odd an option like this is not available in a game that requires 2 to 6 hours daily and is also endless. Each and every player has to leave for a short period of time at SOME point.. And not all of them have a friend they can absolutely trust with their account, password and shrooms. Not to mention that skipping a week or 3 weeks of action is not an option either.

I have not yet thought of all the details of this project but i guess you get the picture.

Ps: Excuse my english btw. It's not my native language.
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