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Default Saint Nicholaus Update - Discussion Thread

Hello heroes!

Today is Saint Nicholaus Day! Who wants some gifts?

Here's the list of changes and new features:

- new winter design
- added night time to fortress
- 100 new raids for you and your guild
- added 10 new Underworld achievements
- the gate determines the number of heroes you can lure into your Underworld now
- new Underworld Hall of Fame
- new Wheel of Fortune (level 95 required): can be found as quest reward. Gold, wood and stone fields now give 1,5x the amount of the old big fields as the small fields were removed. Activating Wheel of Fortune 2.0 cannot be undone!
- added Souls to Forest Rarities event
- Forest Rarities event: amount of found resources displayed now
- Flying Tube added to Dr. Abawuwu's trailer
- improved server performance: better stability and shorter maintenance
- Gladiator bonus for pets works now
- every level 100-pet adds another +0,5% bonus to your attributes
- fixed a bug when upgrading the Keeper
- fixed a bug when inviting players to a guild with an apostrophe in the name

The update will be live on today and all other servers will get the update as soon as possible! (in some hours or usual).

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