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Arrow Rework Thirst duration


I think is high time to reconsider duration of thirst. Now it takes 5h 20 min per day if you pay attention. In most cases it take 6-8h to make 320 thirst. It is probably the main source od CHURN in this game. Making thirs is just too long. If you are f2p player it okey, 120min but if you want be in top place you need spend 8h per day to SF.

How about some "premium account" unlocked for mushrooms which saves you 75% time? It would work like enchantments on boots but -75% time or any other solution which can help attract players for long-term playing.

I know there are hourglasses, mushrooms etc but I still think the main source of CHURN in this game is too long thirst - game requires too much time. You lose double because there is no option to play more than one account seriously (other servers) otherwise you spend your whole time for SF.

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