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A few months ago I made a suggestion regarding that topic in the german forum,
called Proof of Concept: Questdauerverkürzung

Here is a translation:
"Proof of Concept: Quest duration shortening"


a few weeks ago, in the forum, I talked about a new way in which a future feature could reward the player.

The idea is quite simple, you can unlock a bonus that shortens the quest time.
By comparison, you can take a look at the rewards of older updates:
Tower (Gold Bonus), Scrapbook (Experience Bonus), Single Player Portal (Life Bonus),
Guild Portal (Damage Bonus), Raids (Gold and Experience Bonus), Pets (Stat Bonuses).

Whether you attach the feature to a kind of portal or a dungeon or the like, I do not care, here I am only concerned with the concept.

What do I mean by shortening the quest duration?
I mean something that shortens the waiting time between quests.
Without shortening:
You play 320 thirst, doing 82 quests and get 150 million XP and 250 million gold, but you need like 5+ hours.
With shortening:
You play 320 thirst, make the same number of quests and the same XP and Gold, but you need less than 5 hours.

How I would imagine the implementation (just an example):
So first of all, I'd rather think of this as high-level content,
something like character level 300+ as a requirement.
For example, as a maximum there is a bonus of 5%,
the bonus is unlocked by a dungeon / portal / anything else but gradually.

So this dungeon / portal / something else would have 50 floor;
5% max. Bonus / 50 floors -> 0.1% bonus per floor

This bonus is not only multiplied linearly, but increases with the amount of thirst you consume.
As an example (which I can also calculate) the bonus increases with the number of drunk beers.

The formula looks like this in my example:
Quest Time (Shortened) = Quest Time * (1 - Time Bonus * (1 + (Beer Count / 2)))
Sample calculations:
a) 10min quest, 5% Bonus, 0 Beer: 10min * (1 - 5% * (1 + (0/2)) = 10min * 0,95 = 9,5 min
b) 10min quest, 5% bonus, 10 beers: 10min * (1 - 5% * (1 + (10/2)) = 10min * 0.7 = 7 min

If you tie the bonus to the number of drunk beers,
you would benefit more when drinking immediately.

I'll calculate how an optimal or a suboptimal use would affect 320 or 120 thirst:
The following tabels are images, translation of the german text:

But that would be just the time savings with the maximum bonus of 5%,
Here is a table with a bonus between 0% and 5% in 0.1% increments:
If you want to take a closer look at the spreadsheets, here is a link to the Google spreadsheet:

According to the concept, you would save between 49 and 71 minutes with maximum bonus at 320 thirst,
an average of 1 hour of otherwise 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Other good reasons for such a feature:

1.) No "power creep"
"power creep" describes the state that over time updates introduces ever larger buffs into a game,
if you look back at the older content it is passed in days: I just say level 200 in less than 2 weeks,
Level 350 in a year, guilds make all raids in under 7 months ...

This bonus does not strengthen the character and thus does not ensure
that the half-life of the old content sinks even further.

2.) high-level content
If somehow implanted like a shadow portal, Raid 51+ or something else,
This time bonus will not interfere with the mushroom / buying behavior of server starts.
If it's late-game content, it will not stop the server-start power mushrooms from skipping their quests with mushroom.

3.) Increased motivation to play 320 thirst

What bothers me most about the 320 thirst is,
that it takes so damn much time.
If you do not have to spend more than 5+ hours a day,
more players will most likely consider playing 320 thirst and whoever spends mushrooms (on thirst) will probably buy some.


Needing like 5+ hours each day is really annoying and that push up messages on the android app are broken since 6+ months dont make it easier.

I still think that concept would be a good and elegant way to implement such a feature and also would create a great reward for a future update.

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