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Originally Posted by yerawen View Post
I don't think this is accurate:
When you loose and attack, the attacker takes 50% from the woodcutter and quarry, and 10% of what is in the fortress - TRUE
After loosing an attack, for the next 8h nobody can take anything from your fortress (the 10%), BUT they still take 50% from the woodcutter and quarry.

At least this is what I understand from the manual.

Just what i already thought it would be, so the two buildings with the quota below that need to be emptied to make sure it can store more resources, will loose 50% of the current amount at the time of a succesful attack, the big numbers below , the amount of resources stored in the fort, will be loosing 10%?
Thats sounds logical cause 10% of 50K is a nice 5K of resources,and 50% (half) of a wood storage with 1400 is also 700.
Its clear to me now, thanks for the answer.

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